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Tips for Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

What are the rules and traditions when it comes to wedding rings, matching and style? There are many questions along the way to purchasing the wedding rings that you will hopefully wear for the rest of your lives. These tips should help you fall in love with the rings that match your unique personality and relationship.

Choosing Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are an expression of individuality, just as much as they are a symbol of marriage. Regardless of how different or how how similar our rings might be, they will always remain symbolic of the union. Traditionally, wedding rings match. Think about your grandparents with their matching rose gold bands with filigree. While that might have been the trend for them, the whole his and hers matching wedding rings is another tradition that seems to have evolved over time. There might be few rules to follow, but there are some things to consider when buying wedding rings.

There is more uniqueness to an individual than their fashion. We each have a unique skin tone and shape of the hand. While one partner prefers white gold, the other might desire the tough tungsten carbide. While you both could be Disney fans, you might favor Cinderella and your significant other might be a die hard Star Wars fan. The theme of the ring can be as unique and playful as each individual. The thickness of the band should match the size of the hand. The most important consideration to take to heart when choosing your wedding rings is that it must be something you love so much that you can commit to wearing it everyday for the rest of your life.

Wedding Rings

Yellow Gold

Gold is the most common precious metal of choice with wedding rings. Yellow gold is visually appealing, and compliments tinted diamonds that would not be compatible with silver and platinum bands. Yellow gold is an expensive metal; however, the price decreases with alloys that create 10K and 14K gold. The average cost of a gold wedding band is between $500 and $1,000.

White Gold

Gold is not white. The color of white gold is achieved by combining other metals, such as platinum, palladium or even silver to lighten the color, and then the final touch occurs with the application of rhodium plating. Rhodium is another rare and expensive precious metal; however, electroplating only requires a thin layer of rhodium in the process. White gold resembles platinum at a fraction of the cost.

Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum has become one of the most sought after metals for wedding rings. Platinum is a strong and durable metal that seems to just get better over time. Unlike other metals that require maintenance to maintain the brilliance, platinum maintains a bright luster that is less susceptible to aging. Antique platinum wedding rings can develop a satiny or slightly frosted texture. The patina effect of platinum is even more desirable.

Wedding Rings

Silver Wedding Rings

Fine silver is a soft precious metal that is commonly preferred with intricate designs. Fine silver is also known as pure silver or 99.9% pure. Sterling silver is a pure grade of silver, composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Copper is added for durability. The cost of silver wedding rings are approximately 1/90th of the price of platinum, and 1/60th of the price of gold. Silver does require extra care when it tarnishes.

Wedding Rings

Create a Fairy Tale

Finding the perfect wedding rings is just the beginning of the happily ever after story. If you need help creating the fairy tale wedding, the designers at Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor can make your wedding day the dream that it should be. Meet with the in-house designers and customize your ceremony and reception space. Exchange your rings in a wedding venue designed just for you.


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