Wedding Ideas to Make It Special

Wedding Ideas at Crystal Ballroom

If you are searching for unique rituals to create a more meaningful ceremony, we have wedding ideas to make it special. These rituals share similar symbolic meanings and can add to the significance of the occasion. Let’s explore a few wedding ideas that will help you create unforgettable moments.

Wedding Ideas with Candles

A unity candle is near the top of trending wedding ideas. This romantic ritual involves a trio of candles, consisting of one larger pillar and two separate tapered candles. The candles are placed on a decorative table during the ceremony. The officiant begins by explaining the significance and deep meaning behind the ritual. It might also include a special reading. The tapered candles are lit by either the officiant or the parents of the couple. The bride and the groom each take hold of a tapered candle and simultaneously light the pillar candle. The flames represent the love and souls of the couple, and lighting the pillar together is symbolic of joining the love and binding the souls in marriage. The couple extinguishes their tapered candles and watch their new flame burn as one. It is important to note that candles do not always make for the best wedding ideas outdoors. If you are considering a beach ceremony, you might not be allowed to have flames on the beach. Wind can also affect the flame. The ceremony space should be considered before choosing a unity candle.

Wedding Ideas at Crystal Ballroom

Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony shares the same meaning as a unity candle, but it has advantages when a flame cannot be used. A sand ceremony naturally calls for colored sand. Couples generally try to match the color of the sand with the wedding colors. A medium to large vase is used to hold the combined sand, which is kept as a keepsake. It is a good idea to select a decorative vase or jar that can be topped later with a lid or decorative cover. If you are considering a beach ceremony, you might be required to use a plastic vase, since glass is not always allowed on the beach. Some couples choose to have the vase customized with a monogram or personalize the vase with etching. The sand ceremony begins with the officiant announcing the ceremony and explaining its special meaning. It can also include a special reading. A vase is either setup prior to the ceremony or placed on a decorative table by the officiant during the ceremony. The bride and groom are each provided with a vase filled with colored sand. They take turns pouring the sand into the larger vase, mixing and combining the colored sand to create a unique design.

Wedding Ideas at Crystal Ballroom

Broom Jumping

In history, broom jumping was a symbolic ritual that created a marriage when marriages could not be performed in a church or were not recognized by the court. Broom jumping is still recognized as a significant and meaningful part of ceremonies today. It involves an elaborately decorated wedding broom that usually matches the wedding colors and theme. It can be wrapped with a floral arrangement and embellished with pearls or another ornament. Brooms are decorated according to culture, theme and wedding colors. The broom jumping ceremony begins with the officiant providing an explanation of its significance and symbolism, which explains that leaping over the broom together represents entering a new life together. They might deliver a speech about its place in history and culture. To complete the ceremony, the bride and groom hold hands as they make a meaningful leap over the broomstick together and into a new life as husband and wife.

Wedding Ideas at Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

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