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Wedding Gift Registry

wedding gift registry

Weddings bring showers of gifts at the engagement party, bridal shower and on your wedding day. Gifts are designed to set up your married home with all the gadgets and housewares you will need for the new beginning. A wedding gift registry is an opportunity to create a list of things you like and will likely use in your new space. Before you start scanning items on the shelf, read the following tips for creating a wedding gift registry.

What Makes the List?

Wondering what you should add to the wedding gift registry? You might want the toaster oven and nonstick pan, but it would be acceptable to add a tent and camping gear for common interests. It is a good idea to choose practical gifts that you will use. Choose gifts in different price ranges to give your guests options. We often think of traditional items, like picture frames and vases, but it is okay to choose gifts that meet your interests over tradition. If you like crystal, put it on the list. If you want items for a hobby you share with your partner, it might make sense to place those useful items on the wedding gift registry. Include your partner and create your registry together.

wedding gift registry

Agreeing on the Wedding Gift Registry

A wedding gift registry requires compromise. You might want an all pink kitchen with a pink toaster oven, pink mixer and pink pot holders, while your partner might envision the space differently. If you want to win on the color of the kitchen, be prepared to lose on the design of the living space. It is easy to know your style as individuals, but necessary to know your style as a couple. Creating the wedding gift registry together is the safest way to make the list. If all else fails, choose items that are neutral, such as stainless steel pots and standard food processors.

Planning for Your Future

The gifts you receive today are for the years to come. Think beyond your newlywed life, and consider your formal chinaware, holiday table settings and a guest room that might be decorated slightly juvenile for the next chapter in life. Think about hobbies you share together, such as skiing, fishing, video games, movies and camping. You might want suitcases for future travel plans or a cozy tent for a camping trip.

wedding gift registry

Creating an Online Wedding Gift Registry

Ecommerce makes online shopping and creating the wedding gift registry easy. Most brick and mortar stores sell online and have online registries. This makes it possible to create a registry without ever leaving home, and makes it easy for guests to shop. Do not just stick to one online registry. Create registries at different stores with different price ranges to give guests more options. Make sure that you do not add the same items to different registries to avoid receiving the same gift from multiple guests.

Choosing a Retailer

Choosing where to create a wedding gift registry comes down to inventory, shipping, and the convenience of shopping. Choose retailers that offer the products and brands you want. Make sure there is product variety and price variety. Make sure you can choose to send the gifts to your designated address. Choose a retailer that offers online shopping and a simple checkout process. Think about the buyer and their shopping experience as much as you are thinking about your wish list.

wedding registry

Announcing a Wedding Gift Registry

Asking for gifts is never really appropriate. You also want to avoid putting registry information on invitations. With so many limits to the acceptable ways to announce a wedding gift registry, you might wonder how you will ever tell anyone you have one or two or three. The perfect way to announce a wedding gift registry is by creating a wedding website. The website can host information about the engagement, wedding planning updates, seating charts, wedding party events, and all the details about your wedding gift registry. You can also add the information to save the dates, which are informal notices that allow guests to mark their calendars in advance of an invitation.

wedding gift registry

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Creating a wedding gift registry is just one part of planning your magical day. To plan everything else, contact Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor. This luxurious venue offers exclusive designs, in-house wedding designers, elegant furnishings and extraordinary banquet staff services. Bring imagination to the design studio, and choose your colors, linens, floral arrangements and centerpieces. Plan all the details from ceremony to reception in a ballroom designed just for you. Build your vendor team with the talents of the finest Crystal Ballroom vendors and the assistance of the free concierge service. Create your magical moments where dream weddings come true.


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