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Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Tips for Wedding Planning in Today’s Climate

Wedding Planning

Whether you have always imagined something small or are dreaming big, wedding planning can be a stressful and overwhelming process. Planning during a pandemic can add to the stress. Some couples have postponed their wedding day and are planning with a sequel wedding strategy while others are planning for the year to come. Wherever you are in the process and however you choose to plan, these tips for wedding planning should help make the process a little easier.

What’s Different with Wedding Planning?

Wedding planning during a pandemic requires a simple plan to maintain safety and keep things magical without detracting from your theme and experience. Health guidelines are paramount to hosting a wedding in today’s climate, but the last thing you want is a COVID themed wedding. Design your theme in a picturesque ballroom that maintains elegance and beauty in the midst of it all. Your vendors and wedding venue staff will wear masks and gloves. A hand sanitation center will be unavoidable. Social distancing should be observed, and you might consider making masks available to your guests. Weddings might be a little smaller, since not all guests will be able to attend. Live video stream is becoming an important component when some guests need to observe remotely. This is another vendor to add to your list of vendors. Wedding venues and vendors are accommodating couples with online planning tools and private tours for safer and more convenient planning.

Wedding Planning

Mini, Micro and Small

The newest trends among small weddings are mini and micro weddings. Mini weddings are usually about 50 guests, and include close family and friends. Things get smaller with micro weddings, which usually include 20 people or less. The minimony and micro wedding trends are on the rise during a time when couples are trying to social distance and create a smaller event. These types of ceremonies are usually part of a sequel wedding, where the couple hosts a small and intimate ceremony followed by an elaborate wedding with the entire guest count at a later date.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing is possible for almost any sized wedding, depending on the size of the venue and how the venue stages the seating within the space. Tables can be spaced apart to provide proper distance between tables. Wedding seating charts can be prepared to arrange seating for one household per table, separating families from different households. Proper distancing can be observed on the dance floor and during the cocktail hour as well.

The Size of Your Wedding

You must determine the size of your wedding. The size of the wedding should never determine the size of the experience. Small weddings are easily planned and can create a more intimate experience. Fewer guests can make the moment seem special by creating a deeper connection with the guests in attendance. Some couples are moving forward with the larger wedding they planned. Regardless of the size, Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor creates luxury weddings of every size with a price tag that is created with affordable all-inclusive pricing. This means you can have the luxury wedding of your dreams, regardless of the size.

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Wedding Planning and Communication

If you had to postpone your wedding day or are beginning the wedding planning adventure, you will need to plan in advance and have extra communication with guests. Those scheduling new dates and those rescheduling are in competition for available dates. Tour the venue and secure your date early. As soon as you know your date, begin communicating with guests. Guests will need advance notice of any postponement and need extra time to plan for travel and accommodations. If you are rescheduling, send out new invitations immediately and update your wedding website. If you are planning a minimony or a small wedding as part of a sequel wedding, make the two separate dates clear in the invitations and on the wedding website. Make sure you clearly indicate how guests will view the smaller ceremony remotely and the deadline to RSVP for the larger and more elaborate ceremony. You might consider emailing electronic invitations and updates to save time and print.

Wedding Planning

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor designs a ballroom from fantasy while taking safety measures seriously to provide a safe wedding celebration of every size. The wedding venue is staged to accommodate the size of the wedding with consideration for social distancing and health guidelines. Couples planning a wedding at the Crystal Ballroom have access to professional designers to personalize the decor and theme. Walk the aisle in a dream wedding venue that is designed by your imagination. Schedule a safe in-person tour or tour online by video. Save your date and plan your magical moments of today, next year or beyond.


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