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Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Things You Should Know About Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers at Crystal Ballroom

Wedding flowers have been part of making weddings beautiful and romantic with their language of love since the beginning of time. Naturally, flowers are at the top of the wedding planning list. Since your wedding flowers are so important, we have these tips to help you make your wedding day absolutely perfect.

The Quantity of Wedding Flowers

The number of wedding flowers needed at your wedding will depend solely on the way you envision your magical day. Some couples choose few floral arrangements on their aisle, while others want rose petals decorated down the center and oversized floral arrangements defining the aisle on both sides. Whether you are the couple that wants a few or an entire garden in your ceremony space, you will usually want certain arrangements. You should expect to purchase flowers for the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquets, the grooms boutonniere, the groomsmen boutonnieres, corsages and boutonnieres for the parents of the couple, flowers for the flower girl, aisle decorations, arrangements at the altar, and table centerpieces. You may also want wedding flowers for the gift table, the cake table and for other parts of the venue. This will be determined by your preferences, budget and what the wedding venue provides.

Seasonal Wedding Flowers

There are a couple things to consider when thinking about whether to choose flowers in season or out of season. Wedding flowers that are in season will naturally cost less. It can be more expensive to purchase flowers that are out of season, since they might be slightly more difficult to obtain. You should also consider that flowers of the season will usually last longer than flowers cut out of season. If a flower is out of season and you want to save on the extra cost, you can choose to use quality artificial flowers as an alternative.

Wedding Flowers

Winter Wedding Flowers

Some couples believe their choices with winter wedding flowers are limited. Contrary to that belief, there are many beautiful winter blooms. There are several classic flowers like garden roses, peonies and anemones during the winter. This is also a good season to get orchids, champagne roses, magenta tulips and some hyacinths.

Spring and Summer Flowers

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for flowers. These seasons offer colorful blooms. You will find an abundance of lilacs, sweet peas and ranunculus. Hydrangeas are best during the early summer months. You can also find plenty of freesia, peonies, dahlias and daisies. Classic garden roses and carnations are also readily available during the summer months.

Fall in Love with Autumn

Fall offers an abundance of unique colors during a cycle of change. Fall wedding ideas with flowers involve the deep burgundy of dahlias and the sophistication of the white petals and black centers of anemones. Of course marigolds and sunflowers are all about the season. Consider seasonal berries and acorns for accents. Drape your centerpieces with fall leaves, lots of burgundy and vines, contrasting the gold tones.

The Cost of Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers can be expensive and eat a lot of the wedding budget. Know what you want, but be flexible. The price of wedding flowers depends on the number of flowers and types of arrangements. Some florists will offer full wedding packages for a fixed fee. These may or may not be a good value, depending on your needs. Some of the more expensive flowers, like peonies, will create a larger impact on the arrangement and cover more space. Integrate quality silk flowers into your floral arrangements to stretch the budget when needed. You can save money by reusing the ceremony arrangement at the reception. Daisies and dahlias are often inexpensive. Roses, tulips, lilies, and hydrangeas are mid-range. Peonies and orchids are at the top of the price spectrum. It is better to order a few expensive blooms in lieu of ordering dozens of cheap flowers.

Wedding Flowers at Your Wedding Venue

Tips for Your Wedding Flowers

The best way to share your vision with a florist or designer is to show them pictures that inspired your ideas. Images will convey the aesthetic you are looking for from your wedding flowers. If you want an exact replica, a picture is essential to creating it. Aromatic flowers are perfect for the altar or for seat decorations, but they should be avoided when creating table centerpieces. Scents can affect the way food tastes, ruining your fine catering experience at the reception. Make sure you order your flowers in advance. Your event might be decorated a day before, but you should consult with your florist a few months before your wedding. Avoid using heat sensitive flowers in the sun.

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor masters the art of designing with wedding flowers, from ceremony space to the reception ballroom. Meet with our professional design team and coordinate the elements of your table settings from our selection of napkins, linens, overlays, runners, charger plates and elegant wedding centerpieces. Select from our beautiful candelabras, vintage manzanita trees, tall floating candles, gorgeous lanterns and huge floral arrangements. Crystal Ballroom weddings include all of the furnishings, designs, services, and quality artificial floral arrangements to save you thousands on your wedding day. Contact Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor to begin designing your fairy tale.


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