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Summer Wedding Bouquet

Summer Wedding Bouquet

Summer weddings bring summer color and a colorful wedding bouquet. Pick a date somewhere between June and August, and discover a little inspiration in these ideas for your summer wedding bouquet.

Designing a Summer Wedding Bouquet

While your wedding bouquet does not need to match the season, and color can be just as free, bringing in the summer colors with flowers is easy to do. If there is a single flower that conveys the season of summer, it would have to be the peony. With all the fragrance and color behind this beautiful summer bloom, you cannot go wrong with a peony in your summer bouquet. If you want that summer palette of color, bring the brightness of yellow to the romantic occasion with sunflowers. Hydrangeas offer a variety of color and volume. Roses, orchids and daisies create a beautiful summer bouquet.

Summer Wedding Bouquet

One of the most popular flowers for a summer bouquet is the rose. Roses speak a language of love and speak a message of elegance. Nothing compliments a rose like baby’s breath and lots of green. Garden roses are known for their fragrance and the texture provided by the high petal count. Roses are more affordable than peonies, and create an equally beautiful summer bouquet.

List of Flowers for a Summer Wedding Bouquet


















Calla lilies



Match Your Summer Wedding Bouquet

Whether you fell in love with the colors or fell in love with the flowers that inspired the wedding colors, matching the venue to your summer wedding bouquet is a recommended trend. Your bouquet will be central to your theme and a focal point at your wedding and in those captured moments that make it to the frame. If you fell in love with the sweet romance of pink flowers, incorporate the texture and color into your table runners, centerpieces and even the wedding cake. If you are having difficulty finding the perfect flowers for your bouquet, step inside a wedding venue to pick wedding colors and find the inspiration for your summer wedding bouquet.

Design Your Venue to Match Your Summer Bouquet

Summer weddings at an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team ensures creative design, décor and the creation of your theme throughout the ceremony space and reception hall. Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor masters the art of creating fairy tale weddings in an elegant ballroom that is decorated to match the theme for any summer wedding you can imagine. The creative designers works closely with couples to coordinate colors, arrange table décor, and decorate the entire venue according to theme. The possibilities for design are as endless as imagination.


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