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Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Wedding Planning for the Pregnant Bride

Wedding Planning

Whether you were planning your fairy tale and got the news or got the news and started planning, there can be a wave of mixed feelings about being the pregnant bride. You are overwhelmed with the joy of both events, and probably wondering how to plan. These tips should help you embrace destiny and plan the wedding of your dreams as a pregnant bride.

Misconceptions about a Pregnant Bride

Misconceptions about being a pregnant bride often creates delays and setbacks when planning. You might be wondering how you will look in a wedding dress and whether you should wait to plan your wedding day. While your image might be at the top of concerns, you might also feel that it breaks tradition. Regardless of belief, many brides are embracing the beauty of their pregnancy and having their fairy tale wedding before the baby is born. If you were in the middle of planning your big day, do not allow this blessing to change your path. Being pregnant is beautiful, and so is the journey your relationship is taking. Embrace these truths with confidence and know that you will look absolutely amazing on your wedding day.

Shopping for the Dress

One of the most important things to a bride on her wedding day is looking perfect in her wedding dress. Decide whether you want to hide the bump or show it off. If you want to accentuate the curves, do something daring like a trumpet or mermaid wedding dress that holds back nothing in the process of being bold about your baby bump. Flaunt every curve with intention. Never feel ashamed about being a pregnant bride. However, if you choose to hide the bump, your best bet is an empire gown. The waistline is sewn high in the torso, just beneath the bust, and it flows outward to the ground. This silhouette is what we envision when we think of that summery outdoorsy wedding in a butterfly garden. It is usually paired with a halo veil.

Shopping for wedding dresses is a little different when you are the pregnant bride. Even if you are not pregnant, fitting into a wedding dress through normal weight fluctuations can be a challenge. Pregnancy will change your shape from one month to the next. It is important to plan for those changes. Take careful measurements and add an inch for each month prior to the wedding. Then add a dress size to give you room for alterations later. You might not want to buy your dress too early; however, you cannot buy a wedding dress last minute. Being the pregnant bride might mean that you need to plan for a last minute fitting and some alterations. It is important to develop a good relationship with your seamstress.

Wedding Planning

Alcohol Etiquette with a Pregnant Bride

There can be some confusion over whether it is proper to serve alcoholic beverages during the cocktail hour and reception when there is a pregnant bride. Whether you are expecting or not, serving alcohol at your wedding is an entirely personal choice that is based upon preference and lifestyle. While the bride should not drink alcohol for health reasons, it is completely acceptable to serve alcoholic beverages to the celebrating guests. Serving virgin cocktails is a safe alternative.

Wedding Planning

A Picturesque Wedding Venue

Create a romantic ceremony and celebration in an elegant wedding venue. Not just any venue will create the magic. This will be the intimate space where you will vow to your true love for all of eternity. The moment is deserving of the elegance and grandeur found at Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor. Say “I do” in a mansion in the harbor, and create your unforgettable fairy tale. Meet with the in-house designers at this all-inclusive wedding venue to select the décor and fine pieces that will create your happily ever after story.


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