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Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Planning Same Sex Weddings

Same Sex Weddings

Planning same sex weddings is very similar to planning traditional weddings, but different in all the ways relationships are unique. If you are at ground zero with wedding planning, you are probably wondering where to begin. After you get engaged, you begin an exciting journey of discovery. You will find inspiration along the way, create your budget, develop your own wedding plan and create the wedding of your dreams. As you begin your journey, we have a little guidance for planning same sex weddings.

The Rainbow Wedding

One of the common themes among same sex weddings is the rainbow. The rainbow is symbolic and demonstrates pride and liberation. Whether you want the rainbow wedding or to subtly incorporate elements of the theme, there are easy ways to accomplish both. Creating the rainbow theme can easily be accomplished with rainbow roses. Rainbow roses are created by injecting dye into the petals. Flowers will not grow a rainbow naturally, but the dye can be absorbed through the vascular system. This is not typically a DIY project. You should hire a florist for this special effect that requires special dyes made from plant extracts. If you want a rainbow wedding, this will be worth the investment. You can decorate the wedding arch, decorate the aisle, place them in centerpieces on the reception tables and add them to your bouquet. Go big or go small with fewer accents. You might just want to have elaborate rainbow rose bouquets or boutonnieres.

Same Sex Weddings

Same Sex Weddings and the Party

Most weddings have a wedding party, and same sex weddings are not an exception. However, your wedding party might take a slightly different shape. Your best man might be female or your maid of honor might be male. You get to define your wedding party, even if you are planning a traditional wedding. Regardless of the wedding you are planning, you will want to create a support system of special friends and family that support you and your relationship. Do not hesitate to pick your wedding party. Ask them early and get them on board. You need to know in the beginning who is willing and able to take on the special roles in the wedding party. Make sure your supporters understand the boundary which exists between their opinion and becoming overly persuasive in an effort to change yours. Build your wedding team with those you cannot imagine the moments without.

It is Okay to Do Things Differently

Wedding planning is different for everyone. There is not a one size fits all. Couples have different budgets, different themes and different ideas about the way they imagine their once in a lifetime moments. You can implement common rituals and customs or create your own. Popular rituals include a sand ceremony, unity candle, broom jumping and hand fasting ceremony. Research rituals and decide how you would like to make your ceremony meaningful and unique. Do not get stuck upon the idea of the traditional wedding. You might write your own wedding vows and have special readings. Be creative when you coordinate your wedding attire, the procession of the wedding party and all the unique ways you choose to celebrate.

Same Sex Weddings

Choosing a Venue for Same Sex Weddings

Planning same sex weddings requires a team of planners and designers that understand and support your unity in a way that others do not. You will have unique differences with the ceremony, the wedding party and themes. Choose a magical location with a wedding venue with services beyond just providing the space. Plan your special day with a wedding venue with designers, planners, furnishings, chinaware, banquet staff, bar services, food managers and day of event coordination services. An all-inclusive wedding venue with the ability to bundle all of these essential services can save you thousands on planning your wedding day, and eliminate all the stress of planning.

Build a Wedding Team

Your wedding team will be essential to creating your dream wedding. Finding vendors that can provide unique services and support for same sex weddings can be stressful. Choose a wedding venue that can help you build your entire wedding team in one place. Make sure your venue has preferred vendors and can facilitate your connection with officiants, caterers, photographers, DJs, florists, hair and makeup artists and all the talent to create your flawless event.

Same Sex Weddings

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Same sex weddings have a lot more to celebrate than just the event you are planning. This is a moment to celebrate your love, those that support your love and the legal rights that have liberated it. Bring imagination and your incredible love story to Crystal Ballroom. Walk the aisle in a three story mansion in the harbor. Host your magical ceremony overlooking the water and an unforgettable celebration on the upper level with balcony views of the harbor. Write your love story with master designers and planners that are passionate about creating romantic same sex weddings. Plan your entire event from ceremony to reception with Crystal Ballroom and make an unforgettable exit on a chartered boat. Create your fairy tale at Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor.


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