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Planning a Honeymoon

Planning a Honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon takes a little bit of effort. This is not a last minute item on the wedding checklist. Most couples plan their honeymoon simultaneously with their wedding. Choosing the romantic adventure is the exciting part of planning, and the easiest part of it all. However, there is a little more work involved. You need to choose a romantic escape that you both envision, find all the best deals, book accommodations, secure travel arrangements, create an itinerary, shop for the honeymoon wardrobe and pack for the adventure. If you are planning to travel abroad, it will require even more planning. These tips should help you plan a romantic escape that you will never forget.

Finding the Best Deals

Finding the best deals to make your honeymoon plans agree with the budget can call for some creative planning. Research several dream locations. Consider the amount of time you can afford to give to an escape. We all have different circumstances. One couple might take an entire month for the honeymoon, while another slips away for three days. Consult with your budget before getting your heart involved. It is easy to dream about Paris and Rome, but if it is not realistic, do not waste the time on the disappointment. Research several different travel websites. Believe it or not, everyone offers different prices for travel. Sometimes you can find travel packages that include the hotel, transportation and the airfare in a bundle. Explore airline websites that might offer special deals for those that book directly with the airline.

Planning a Honeymoon Destination

The secret to planning a honeymoon destination is to think about activities that will make the adventure meaningful. It should relate to your interests, hobbies and personality. You might love the beach and waterfalls or you might envision the mountains. Make a list of things you enjoy, such as a spa, horseback riding, carriage rides, hiking, fishing, camping, amusement parks and theater. Have fun and discover a honeymoon location that you will both enjoy.

Create Something Unique

Never try to plan the honeymoon that your friends had. Your romantic getaway should fit your lifestyle and interests. It does not need to be three weeks on the other side of the world to be paradise. Whether it is two days or ten, this is your unique vacation to plan. It is important that you both agree on the type of honeymoon experience you want to achieve. There could be nothing worse than being along for a ride that you do not enjoy. Plan a dynamic trip with contrasting experiences.

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor
Courtesy of Gabriel Photobook

Planning a Honeymoon Itinerary

Planning a honeymoon itinerary is essential to enjoying your experience. You will probably not want to remain in a hotel room for the entire honeymoon. Research everything from places you will stay to the places you will visit. Whether it is a restaurant or safari, you will need to research it and plan the experience on an itinerary. Arranging activities in advance is essential to guaranteeing that you will actually be able to experience them. You might want to plan an afternoon at the spa and an evening ride on a horse-drawn carriage. Make a list that fits within your budget and timeline, and book the experiences well in advance.

Traveling Abroad

There is a little more to planning a honeymoon when traveling abroad. You will need valid passports, and depending on the country, you might need a visa. If you are planning on leaving the country, make sure your passport does not expire while you are overseas. Research travel advisories online and laws pertaining to visas. Traveling abroad usually requires that you have had certain vaccinations. Take care of your vaccinations a few months prior travel.

Destination Wedding
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Planning a Honeymoon is Part of Wedding Planning

Planning a honeymoon usually requires time and effort to make it unforgettable. Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor is the perfect destination wedding venue to host your magical moments, and is located at Florida’s famous honeymoon location, Daytona Beach. Host your ceremony and reception in a ballroom designed just for you, and escape to a romantic honeymoon adventure in the same town. The all-inclusive wedding venue includes all of the furnishings, designs and services to make planning your perfect moments effortless. Contact Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor to begin planning a honeymoon and wedding day that you will never forget.


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