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Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Get to Know Your Wedding Designs

Wedding Designs

Wedding designs create the space for all your magical moments. Getting it perfect is all that matters on your wedding day. Without the flowers, furnishings and décor, the wedding venue would be nothing more than an empty room. Filling the venue with dreamy designs creates the ambiance. The theme and season are usually a guide to choosing your décor, but all the real decisions are about you. Write your love story with your wedding designs.

Coordinating Wedding Designs

Having the lavish wedding you want is accomplished with your wedding designs. Whether you are dreaming up the classic black-tie affair or seeking to create the rustic garden vibe, the look will be shaped by the pieces you choose to coordinate within the space. There are different types of décor. Even the linens that dress the table and the napkins on the plate are part of the design. Every detail must be coordinated to match complimenting pieces. A wooden charger plate will feel aesthetically different than a silver or gold one. If you are planning a rustic wedding, wood and natural elements make sense. A more formal wedding might call for polished and reflective surfaces, such as a golden candelabra. Your color scheme and theme will influence the decisions you make about your wedding designs.

Wedding Designs

Color of the Wedding Designs

Your wedding designs should incorporate the color of the season or your unique theme. Flowers and linens are the easiest ways to bring color into the space. Flowers seem to be part of every wedding. They add color, life and meaning to the romantic affair. Regardless of the type of centerpieces you choose, you will likely choose wedding flowers to accent your table décor and fill the venue. Flowers are romantic and expressive. Depending on the flowers you choose to accent your wedding centerpieces, it can change the entire tone of your wedding designs.

Choosing Your Colors

There is an entire science dedicated to color. Color affects mood, alters perceptions and will influence the way your wedding day is experienced. It can even change the way we taste food. We all see colors differently, but there are some general associations to consider. Warm vibrant are stimulating and intense. In just the right amounts, warm colors are invigorating and excite emotion. These passionate wedding colors might create the reactions you desire. Cool colors are calming, feel clean and evoke a sense of happiness. Take out the color wheel and coordinate three colors to set the tone for your wedding day.

Chair Sashes and the Linens

Chair sashes and table runners are wedding designs that provide the perfect touch of elegance. Choose sequined runners or lace overlays on a solid runner in your favorite wedding colors. Chair sashes will add the awe to the room. Experiment with different textures and colors to match your theme. The unique effect is determined by the way you tie the chair sashes. Whether you envision the classic bow or a weave, experiment with different materials, colors and styles.

Wedding Designs

A Wedding Designer

Wedding designers are different from planners and coordinators. They employ a developed artistic skill to create your theme and color scheme with wedding designs. Think of an interior designer and how they might enter your space and reimagine it. They meet with couples during wedding planning and sketch out a vision for the interior space of the wedding venue. They create model demonstrations or mock table settings to provide an example of ideas. Designers use lights, colors and various textures to create desired effects. Choosing an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team eliminates the to need to hire expensive designers, rent tables, chairs and décor. The concept delivers the venue, furnishings, décor, draperies, lighting, chinaware, staff and services in an affordable package.

Wedding Designs

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor is an all-inclusive wedding venue that masters the art of creating fairy tale weddings, and has all the décor to bring your vision and theme to life. Meet inside of the design studio and plan with the wedding professionals. Select from beautiful candelabras, tall floating candles, gorgeous lanterns and oversized floral arrangements. Bring imagination to Crystal Ballroom, and create the wedding of your dreams.


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