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Wedding Planning Begins Here

Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning begins here, with your wedding venue and these tips. After you get engaged, you begin an exciting journey of discovery. You will find inspiration along the way, create your budget, develop your own wedding plan and discover the wedding of your dreams. Let's journey through the process of wedding planning and create a fairy tale.

Wedding Planning Begins with a Budget

After the engagement celebrations, most couples start thinking about the kind of wedding experience they want to create. It is a good idea to sit down and figure out how much you want to spend on the dress, flowers, catering and all the important elements of your wedding day before setting your heart on the wedding in a mansion with a ten layer cake. However, if you want the mansion wedding, we have some tricks to make it possible on almost any size budget. The key is to sit with your partner and family to determine contributors and create a guide that will help you plan your spending.

Wedding Planning

Get Inspired

Wedding planning does not fit within a one size fits all box. Some weddings take two years to plan, while others take two months. Some couples have a ten thousand dollar budget, while others spend three times more. Most couples take a safe year to plan their wedding. It should never feel rushed or stressful. After you create some parameters with your unique budget, it is time to get inspired. Attend wedding expos and tour wedding venues. The best place to begin your wedding planning is at an all-inclusive wedding venue with the furnishings, décor and professional designers. This can help you design your theme, pick your colors, choose your floral arrangements and build a custom wedding plan to match your daydream. Booking your wedding venue will start the clock and set the plan in motion.

Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning with Your Party

Wedding planning involves a support system of close friends and family. As soon as you have settled on the location and the venue, you should pick your wedding party. The groom will build his team of supporters and the bride will build hers. The wedding party will include a best man, maid of honor, groomsmen and bridesmaids. These are the very important people that will support you through the entire wedding planning process and on your magical day.

Wedding Attire and Fashion

Your fashion should never be a last minute item on the wedding planning checklist. About nine months prior to the big day, purchase your dream dress and tux. If you book your wedding at an all-inclusive wedding venue with bundled packages, you will save more in the budget to spend on the dream dress. This is also the time to purchase other wedding attire and have your wedding party fitted. Always purchase your dress first, and then find the veil and shoes to match. This is also the time to shop for wedding jewelry to accent your wedding attire.

Wedding Planning

The Last Six Months of Wedding Planning

During the last six months of wedding planning, you should design your wedding invitations, plan your honeymoon and hire your wedding vendors. Hire your officiant, transportation, photographer, caterer, and deejay. Book the venue for the rehearsal dinner, sample and order the wedding cake, provide your bridal shower host with your guest list, and create your music playlist for your deejay or band. Create your wedding timeline for the cutting of the cake, the first dance, toasting events and all of your unique traditions. Finalize the floral arrangements, purchase favors, schedule another dress fitting and purchase the rings. This is the time to ask important people to make a speech and toast at your wedding. You should mail out invitations about six to eight weeks prior to the ceremony. Obtain your marriage license a month before your wedding. Purchase gifts for the wedding party. While the last week might involve picking up the wedding attire, finalizing the headcount and attending parties, do not forget to take time for yourself to relax.

Wedding Planning

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

If you are dreaming up a wedding in a mansion, plan a wedding from fantasy with Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor. Walk the red carpet to your fairy tale in a three story mansion in the harbor. Meet with the professional planners and designers to plan all the details and bring your dream wedding to life. Create a romantic adventure beneath oversized crystal chandeliers in a luxurious wedding venue designed just for you.

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