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Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Tips for Wedding Planning

Congratulations on your engagement! The next steps involve some big questions about wedding planning. Should you hire a wedding planner? Where should you get married? How should you design your wedding venue? How much will it all cost? Here is a little inspiration and some useful tips to wedding planning that should help you create your magical day.

Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning with a Wedding Planner

One of the first questions that many couples have is whether they should hire a wedding planner. Wedding planning can be a time consuming and stressful adventure without the aid of a wedding planner. However, a wedding planner is not required to enjoy your wedding planning journey. All-inclusive wedding venues with an in-house design team, coordinators and vendor relationships provide couples with alternatives to hiring wedding planners that can save them thousands on an effortless journey.

Wedding Planning

Working with a List

When we think about wedding planning, we go through a short list of the obvious. We think of the cake, music, pictures, food and a place to make it all happen. Then a more developed list surfaces to include theme, colors, floral arrangements, centerpieces, marriage license, officiant and the list goes on. This is this point that couples reach out to a wedding planner for help. While a wedding planner meets with couples to develop a vision of the dream and sticks to a budget and timeline to create it, there is usually a price tag for the service. The national average starting rate for a wedding planner is about $3,000.

Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning at Crystal Ballroom

Wedding planning with Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor allows you to forego a wedding planner and can save you thousands on your wedding day. Planning with Crystal Ballroom gives you access to the professional in-house design team and design studio, where you can pick and plan every detail of your wedding day from a treasure trove of décor. The themes are as limitless as imagination at this picturesque wedding venue. The entire ceremony space and reception ballroom are uniquely designed to meet your imagination.

Wedding Planning

Create the Dream

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor is one of the most elegant mansion wedding venues in Daytona Beach. Walk the romantic aisle in the ballroom downstairs and celebrate on the upper level overlooking the water. Experience the grandeur of the majestic architecture, over sized crystal chandeliers, grand piano, Titanic inspired staircase, two bars, luxury bridal suite and balcony view of the harbor. Meet with the in-house design team and transform the creative canvas into the wedding theme of your imagination.


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