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Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance Lessons

When you make your grand entrance and take center stage for the dance performance of your life, you will want every moment to be absolutely perfect. Most of us feel like we can handle ourselves on the dance floor, and some of us trip over our own feet. Whether you have this moment perfectly choreographed in your head and have the footwork of Fred Astaire or not, you might want to hire a professional to help with the performance. Since almost all wedding professionals suggest wedding dance lessons, we are sharing all the reasons why you should take them.

Developing Skills

Once upon a time, kings and queens opened the ballroom floor with formal ballroom dance. Dance was a commonly developed skill, and part of formal education. In this modern age, our dance skills are less formal and usually developed outside of a formal class environment. The first dance is a grand opening to the dance floor on the big day. Wedding dance lessons are an opportunity to make it impressive. When you make your entrance to the floor for the first dance, every eye will be upon you. This can be a scary moment for some. Lessons help develop skills and boost confidence levels.

Wedding Dance Lessons Strengthen a Bond

Never underestimate the bonding experience created during wedding dance lessons. This is not an extra time-consuming item on your list of things to do. This should be thought of as an opportunity to date your partner. Dancing is intimate, and helps to strengthen and deepen bonds. It is easier to make time for lessons when you think of them as a romantic date, rather than work.

Wedding Dance Lessons

Creating Memories

Every event that occurs during wedding planning creates a special memory. Wedding dance lessons create unforgettable memories. Fifty years from now, you will remember the special moments created by your dance lessons together.

Wedding Dance Lessons for Choreography

Even good dancers seek professionals to help choose their music and choreograph their dance performances. Lessons do more than teach technique. This is an opportunity to work with a professional to explore music style and beat, and choreograph a unique first dance. A professional can help you add a little something extra to the performance.

Brainstorm Special Effects

Wedding dance lessons are an opportunity to brainstorm special effects for the stage performance. Create lasting impressions with your wedding dance and make it a fairy tale moment with dancing on a cloud effects. You will twirl into your lovers arms and walk upon a romantic cloud as it blankets the majestic floor. The romantic effect will also create beautiful photography opportunities. You can discuss cloud effects, lighting and all your ideas for your first dance with your wedding venue.

Wedding Dance Lessons

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor is a beautiful three-story mansion in the harbor that is designed for your perfect moments. Dance your first dance on a cloud beneath crystal chandeliers. This all-inclusive wedding venue masters the art of design, décor and creating fairy tale weddings. Step inside the design studio and work with professional wedding designers. Plan your colors, linens, flowers and décor. All of the furnishings, designs and services are included in the creation of your magical day. Bring imagination to the ballroom, and let the designers stage a ceremony and reception space from fantasy. Meet with wedding professionals and plan all the details, including your wedding dance lessons and first dance. Begin your planning journey with a complimentary VIP tour and customization consultation.


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