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Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography

A photograph captures the memory of it, and the videography relives it. Capture your moments forever and recreate your magical day everyday with The Lofty Views. Wherever you choose to write your love story, retell it with a cinematic storytelling production created just for you. For the memories you want to last forever, capture the magic of your fairy tale with professional wedding videography. Beyond the photography that triggers your imagination to retrieve the memory is a completely immersive videography experience, created with the latest technology, cinematic elements and aerial drones by The Lofty Views.

Meet the Artist

Behind the lens is experience, skill and the love for recording and capturing life in the moment of making it. Making one of the happiest days of your life a full-length cinematic production that retells your captivating story in it’s truest form is The Lofty Views’ mission. Meet the man behind the camera, videographer and video producer, Talmage Brown.

Bring your cast and take the leading role under the spotlight. Capture every intimate moment that makes your heart race with a burst of emotion each time you relive it through The Lofty Views videography experience. Transcend the memory of it all to the screen, and seize it forever with a memorable and artistic cinematic production. To be able to put ourselves in the center of that feeling, that love, over and over again, makes every moment worth it.

Wedding Videography

The Wedding Planning Process

Begin your wedding planning journey with a videography consultation. Discuss the moment of your dreams and the vision you hold for your magical day. Dream to recreate a dramatic Cinderella fairy tale or capture your unique story that is a dream beyond imagination, and The Lofty Views will produce a full-length production with all the angles to bring it to life. Share your vision for the first dance twirl on a cloud with slow motion and special angles to capture the emotion of it. Discuss your needs and concerns to create your custom package that is built to capture the uniqueness of your most momentous moments.

Plan every moment of your production with location details, theme and ideas. Begin your consultation over the phone and maintain constant contact throughout your planning process. Your wedding planner is planning the day, and we are planning the movie. A very personal experience with The Lofty Views ensures every detail you create steals the silver screen. Bring your cast to center stage and create a forever memory with us.

Wedding Videography

With so much to plan, videography should never be a worry. Tell your love story with cinematography. The Lofty Views specializes in the art of cinematography and all the on-screen visual elements, lenses, lighting, focus and zoom in a motion picture production to bring your story to life with an immersive video experience.

Videography Packages

The basic wedding videography package includes drone footage, music overlay, a 4 to 6 minute feature highlight video, and everything required to create a cinematic film and capture your special moment. Highlight the main moments with up to 8 hours of video. Capture more with the add-on’s that meet your unique vision with a 6 to 10 minute feature highlight or extend your highlights to a featured film up to 20 minutes long. Choose to include raw footage. Recreate the moment with a documentary-style experience, encompassing different angles and the full-length ceremony with audio, special effects and unique transitions.

Wedding Videography

Live Stream Service

Live stream your ceremony, just the reception or the entire day. Employ two cameras and different angles so no moment is missed. Guests receive a link to zoom, your Facebook or our YouTube stream.

Drone Videography

Fly overhead and capture aerial images from unreachable angles to steal those special moments from above and seize the memory of it forever.


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