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Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

The Cake Cutting Ceremony

Cake Cutting Ceremony

Cutting the wedding cake is such an important event on the timeline that it gets a ceremony of its own. While it seems like a simple process, this special event requires a near master technique for a flawless execution. To help you make the moment perfect, we are sharing a few tips for the cake cutting ceremony.

Placement of the Cake Cutting Ceremony

Your wedding venue should provide an elegant cake plate and fully-designed cake table. It is important that the wedding cake is the only cake on the table, and is always set apart from the dessert table and the groom's cake. Photography is an important part of every wedding. The cake cutting ceremony will be a significant event that deserves its own photo shoot. Always think about the backdrop for your photography when staging the cake table and cutting the cake. What exists in the background will appear in the background of your images.

Cake Cutting Ceremony

Performing the Cake Cutting Ceremony

You will need to properly stage the area and gather a few important utensils and items. You will need a decorative cake knife, server, cake plate, two forks, two napkins, and two champagne glasses filled with fresh champagne. The bride should stand slightly in front of the groom and to his side. The groom should hold the knife in one hand, and place the other around the bride. The bride should place her hand on his to guide the cake cutting. The bride feeds the groom the first bite. Then, the groom feeds the bride. Sometimes, the bride and groom choose to feed each other at the same time. If you don't want the cake smash in the face, you should discuss this with your partner in advance. Remember, this is a photo op experience. Do not dissect the tiers of the cake during the cake cutting ceremony, and avoid cutting the top tier. The top tier should be preserved and enjoyed on the first wedding anniversary.

Cutting the Wedding Cake for the Guests

The bride and groom will cut a piece of cake and playfully serve each other, but serving the guests is serious business. Each slice of your wedding cake should be of equal size. The standard serving of a wedding cake is four fingers wide and two fingers deep. Cutting perfect dimensions requires a specific shape from the start. Begin by cutting away each rounded side of the bottom tier to create a square. Then cut directly down the middle, creating two halves of equal size and shape. You might need to gently saw back and forth, rather than pressing straight down. Then you can begin cutting equal slices.

Cake Cutting Ceremony

Toasting with the Cake

Traditionally, a small toast and sip of champagne concludes the cake cutting ceremony. Most couples do not plan a large speech. The bride and groom usually lift their glasses of champagne just before taking a sip. The moment could get awkward very quickly if another event does not follow. Avoid standing in place. After a small toast, share the cake with your guests and follow into the next event on the timeline.

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Walk the aisle and cut your cake at Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor. This elegant mansion is situated on Coquina Marina in beautiful Daytona Beach. Experience the grandeur of the majestic architecture, oversized crystal chandeliers, grand piano, Titanic inspired staircase, two bars, luxury bridal suite and balcony view of the harbor. This all-inclusive wedding venue includes all of the furnishings, designs and services. Meet with wedding professionals inside of the design studio, and plan your colors, flowers and décor. Bring your dream wedding to the creative canvas of Crystal Ballroom.


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