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Same Sex Wedding Ideas

Planning a same sex wedding is the same as planning an opposite sex wedding in all the ways it should be, but can leave us searching for ways to celebrate all the ways it is different. Here are some same sex wedding ideas to add to your fairy tale celebration.

Same Sex Wedding Ideas to Add the Rainbow

Same sex wedding ideas that add the colors of love and pride are easily done with flowers. Rainbow colored flowers in glass votive holders can create a simple rainbow accent on the table, without stealing the focus of your theme. If you want a pride wedding theme, using larger rainbow floral centerpieces will overtake the focus of the table and steal the theme. Colorful table runners and rainbow chair sashes are other ways to implement color to the table. Consider releasing rainbow lanterns into the night sky at the end of the ceremony. If you want same sex wedding ideas that give respect to the pride without the entire theme, stick to small accent pieces that are not overpowering.

The Little Things

Sometimes we want same sex wedding ideas that are noticed without becoming the overall theme. Those little touches add up to big impressions without taking away from the theme of the wedding.

Matching champagne flutes that are etched with matching tuxedos to represent the loving couple add the perfect detail to the toasting ceremony. This subtle detail makes a statement that will work with any wedding theme.

The cake cutting ceremony is one of the most memorable parts of every wedding ceremony. Make it unforgettable with a cake topper with two grooms or two brides. Regardless of colors or theme, this accent piece is a unique way to represent the couple.

Whether brides or grooms, adding the rainbow colors of love and pride can be as simple as matching socks.

When you walk the aisle through the ceremony space, every eye is held with you in focus. This is the moment every detail is noticed. Adding a rainbow bouquet or boutonniere can make the perfect statement, regardless of the overall wedding theme.

Same Sex Wedding Ideas for Design and Theme

If you are searching for same sex wedding ideas for your design and theme, contact Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor. Discover the ballroom of your dreams and imagine the wedding from fantasy with the in-house design team and wedding planners. The themes are as limitless as imagination. Contact the Crystal Ballroom for a complimentary VIP tour!


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