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Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Planning Intimate Weddings

Intimate Weddings

The latest wedding trends involve a more intimate atmosphere. Intimate and small are often words that are used interchangeably, but do not confuse size with experience. Weddings can be intimate, regardless of the size, without creating sacrifice in the process. Intimate by definition means close, personal, cozy, romantic and familiar. These terms can mean something different to each couple. Think about what intimate weddings mean to you and how you envision your wedding day.

The Size of Your Wedding

Let’s talk about intimate weddings at Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor and creating the fairy tale. You must define whether small means 50 or 100. It can be difficult for some to create an intimate wedding in large groups, but not for everyone. If you want a wedding day with those that make your experience seem close, personal and familiar, you might consider having parents, immediate family and close friends in attendance. The number of parents, immediate family and close friends will be different for everyone. Larger circles can create larger weddings and still be an intimate experience.

Defining Intimate Weddings

Intimacy is about making it personal and cozy, and not necessarily about making it small; however, this can be the case for some. We have to be careful not to confuse the size with the experience that intimate weddings provide. The guest count will only determine the scale of things. It is important to consider the people you want to share your experience with and how you want to stage your event to create your vision.

Intimate Weddings

Making it Intimate

Regardless of the size, personalizing the experience for guests will make their attendance feel valued and create a more intimate experience. It is all about the little things. Place cards with personal notes can make it unique for guests. Adjust the seating of the ceremony room to create a circular layout. Bring the guests forward and make them part of the experience, rather than allowing them to sit far away and towards the back. Bring the reception area closer to the dance floor. Put thought and consideration into your seating chart. Organize your seating chart at the reception to place parents and grandparents together. Seat college friends together. Seat close friends with common interests together. Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor designs the layout of the room to create a personal and intimate experience for everyone, just the way you imagine it.

Designing Your Wedding

The in-house designers at Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor stage the ceremony and reception space in the three story mansion to create the experience you envision. Couples meet inside the design studio to customize their designs and the layout of the room. There is no stress over creating an intimate ceremony space, setting tables, tying chair sashes, arranging seating, designing a ballroom, staging table décor, setting the fine china or any of the details involved in creating the wedding of your dreams. The professional designers customize the experience to create intimate weddings unique to each couple.

Intimate Weddings

Venue and Vendors

After couples get engaged, they immediately question where to begin with the planning process. Planning begins with your wedding venue. It is important to tour the wedding venue to gain inspiration and imagine the space. Couples usually secure their date at the venue between one and two years in advance. Secure your your date early to guarantee availability. The wedding venue will determine the type of event you have. An all-inclusive venue will provide the tables, décor, fine china, bartender and staff services to create your entire experience. The relationships with the preferred vendors can help you plan the details. Each vendor will be a key part to creating your experience. It is important to convey your idea of intimate weddings so the venue and vendors can work together to create the moment.

Are Intimate Weddings Affordable?

More and more couples are looking for ways to keep costs down, and the answer can be fewer guests in attendance, which can also create intimate weddings without much effort. The headcount means less of everything, but it does not always mean less money. Some couples choose to decrease the size of the wedding to spend more on the details that cost more. It can mean a more elaborate dress, more luxurious décor, a finer dining experience and the expert photographer to capture it all. Regardless of the size of the event you are planning and the elaborate designs you want to incorporate, an all-inclusive wedding venue is more affordable. Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor provides the basic venue, services and staff, while saving you thousands on your wedding day.

Intimate Weddings

Scheduling a Tour

Touring the place where you will stand before all and speak those promises for the forevermore is probably one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning adventure. Scheduling a tour of the venue is the first step to planning your wedding day. It is an opportunity to meet the design team and the professionals to share your ideas and gain inspiration. It empowers you with a guide of the entire wedding planning process and the preferred vendors to build your wedding team. A private tour is just one step away to planning with Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor, an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team that imagines, designs and creates intimate weddings to meet imagination. Contact Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor to schedule your VIP tour and make your wedding day everything it should be.


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