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Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Perfect Wedding Proposal

Are you thinking of ways to woo them with romance so you can pop the big question? You probably already know this is a long awaited moment that will never be forgotten, which is why you want to make it epic. Making that perfect wedding proposal a magical ever after memory is most likely already within your imagination. While the perfect wedding proposal is one created in your own heart, these tips should help you make the moment perfect.

Timing of a Wedding Proposal

Timing is everything. If you ask too soon, they might turn you down. If you wait too long, you might have waited too long. What is the perfect timing of a wedding proposal? You might have heard advice about knowing when the time is right. This is great advice, but we don’t always know when it is right. More and more couples are taking their time with marriage. Others leap into the pool of limerence. How do you know when it is right?

The timing of your wedding proposal is established by your relationship. If your partner has talked about marriage, you know that it is on their mind. If they have mentioned an expiration date on the relationship that requires a proposal before a set number of years, you have a hint that you missed the mark a while ago. However, it is not too late. The mere fact that a person remains in a relationship with you for an extended period of time reflects their patience and commitment to a relationship with you. Some people do not ever want the ties of a marriage. Know your relationship and feel out the climate before making the wedding proposal. There is not a secret clock for timing it right. Most wedding proposals occur within two to three years of dating, but yours will be determined by your relationship.

Proposal in a Romantic Setting

If this is love, it will not matter where the wedding proposal takes place, but making it special is the icing on the cake. Most start with the idea that they will make it romantic. This is actually quite a good place to begin. Think of all the elements that will make the setting romantic. Consider an evening at the dining table surrounded by flowers and candles. Imagine a hiking trip on their favorite trail or maybe the beach at sunset. Romantic will be about creating an intimate experience at a location that is significant to your relationship. It doesn’t need to be a fancy restaurant. In fact, a romantic wedding proposal is one that is tied to a memory or a significant location for you and your partner. If you cannot travel there, bring the element home with pictures and décor.

The Significance of the Wedding Proposal

If you really seek to make the perfect wedding proposal, think about why it is significant to your relationship. You are asking this other person to be your life partner forevermore. This is a person you must not be able to imagine life without them in it. The meaning intertwined with a wedding proposal is deep. Create an experience that will convey the importance of the question. They do not call it a big question for nothing. It is important beyond words and powerful beyond explanation. This is more than the setting. This is where you consider what you will say and how you will deliver the wedding proposal.

The delivery of your wedding proposal is probably the most important part of it all. It can be as complex as a short speech of all the reasons why or as simple as asking a question. It does not need to be extravagant to have good delivery. The bending to a knee and looking in their eyes with sincerity as you ask is usually as perfect as it gets. If you need more words to add to the occasion, the words should flow from your heart and say things significant about your relationship with them. Make sure you setup a camera nearby to capture your perfect wedding proposal and the moment they say "yes."

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

After your wedding proposal, you will begin announcing your engagement and planning the fairy tale wedding to follow. Create the romantic proposal of their dreams and the wedding from fantasy at Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor. The elegance within this three story mansion on the water is unmatched by any other. Design your dream wedding from ceremony to reception with the in-house professional design team. Crystal Ballroom masters the art of creating fairy tales.

Contact Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor to schedule your VIP tour and begin planning your wedding day.


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