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Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

How to Make Your Wedding Day Perfect

Wedding Day

If you are planning your wedding day, you are most likely searching for ways to make it absolutely perfect. Every detail from the dress to the ceremony rituals must be carefully planned. We are sharing a few tips for making your wedding day perfect.

Ceremony Readings on Your Wedding Day

If you are sentimental and thinking of ways to make the ceremony more meaningful, you might have thought about ceremony readings. Borrowed excerpts from literature can be romantic and moving. Whether Louis de Bernières or Shakespeare, ceremony readings create a deeper experience. Not every couple chooses to have ceremony readings, but for those that do, it can make the moment perfect.

Wedding Day

Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony is a beautiful way to symbolize the unity of your marriage. It also creates a colorful keepsake with sand in a decorative vase. If you are searching for unique and meaningful traditions to make your wedding day perfect, you might consider a sand ceremony. The bride and groom hold a small vase filled with colored sand. The color of the sand is usually selected to match the wedding colors. The method of combining the sand differs. The bride and groom usually pour the sand into a larger vase at the same time, mixing the colored sand. An alternative method allows the groom to begin pouring a small layer, followed by the bride pouring a small layer, and alternating layers of colored sand until the vase is full. Different methods will create a different artistic effect.

Garter Toss on Your Wedding Day

The garter toss is racy tradition that made its way from the dark ages and into the modern weddings of Western culture. The garter toss has a different meaning than most realize. It was thought to be good luck to rip a piece of the bride’s wedding gown for a keepsake. To appease the guests and save the gown, the groom tossed the garter at the crowd. Tossing the wedding garter would buy them just enough time to make their escape to privacy. Today, the garter toss is a little game to make the wedding day fun.

Wedding Day

Cake Cutting Ceremony

The bride and groom cut a piece of cake and playfully serve each other during the cake cutting ceremony. This ritual should be properly staged. You will need a decorative cake knife, server, cake plate, two forks, two napkins, and two champagne glasses filled with the bubbly champagne of your choice. The bride should stand slightly in front of the groom and to his side. The groom should hold the knife in one hand, and place the other around the bride. The bride should place her hand on his to guide the cake cutting. The bride feeds the groom the first bite. Then, the groom feeds the bride. Sometimes, the bride and groom choose to feed each other at the same time. Be careful not to dissect all the tiers of the cake during the cake cutting ceremony, and avoid cutting the top tier. The top tier should be preserved and enjoyed on the first wedding anniversary.

Toasting and Speeches

A few important people will deliver a speech on the wedding day. Traditionally, a small toast and sip of champagne conclude the cake cutting ceremony. Most couples do not plan a large speech. The bride and groom usually lift their glasses of champagne just before taking a sip. Traditionally, the father of the bride is the first to take the floor and deliver a heartfelt speech about the bride and groom. The mother of the bride can choose to deliver a speech of her own. The best man and maid of honor will give an important speech and tip their glass to the couple. The groom and the bride will also deliver a speech, and give a special thank you to the hosts and all the guests in attendance on their wedding day.

Tossing the Bouquet on Your Wedding Day

The bouquet is an important part of wedding tradition. It even gets its own highlight moment on the wedding timeline. Wedding bouquets are not usually part of the bouquet toss. Instead, the extravagantly decorated bouquet is kept as a keepsake, and a smaller bouquet is designed just for the fun and games. All the ladies line up and the bride tosses the bouquet backwards over her head and into the crowd of ladies in attendance. Whoever catches the bouquet is thought to be next to marry.

Wedding Day

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

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