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Food Manager in the Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

While you have probably dreamed about every detail of your wedding day, there might be some details you never imagined. We often fail to add a food manager to our wedding checklist. Many couples assume that food management is part of catering or do not realize the importance of a food manager at the wedding venue. A food manager is essential to the success of every reception, and every couple should have a food manager at the wedding venue.

Planning Food Management at the Wedding Venue

We dream up every picture perfect moment and every detail of our dream wedding. We plan the music, catering, theme and décor, but if we fail to properly plan food management at the wedding venue, our poorly managed food can create a nightmare. Planning for the actual management of the food at the wedding venue is paramount to the success of the wedding reception.

Catering at the Wedding Venue

Catering is an essential part of every wedding reception. When selecting your cuisine, it is completely acceptable to choose an outside restaurant or even a family chef for catering. Some professional catering services provide food management at your chosen wedding venue. There is something beyond the service of the food that makes a food manager important at the wedding venue. Indulge in the delight of an open vendor policy at a Crystal Ballroom wedding venue that gives you the freedom to select your caterer and provide your chosen cuisine and beverages. Simply bring your delicious cuisine to Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor, and our food managers will manage it.

Organized Food Service

A food manager manages every aspect of your cuisine, and all the desserts and appetizers, from maintaining temperature to portioning. Appetizers and delicious hors d’oeuvres are butler passed to guests. Food is kept at the appropriate temperature and served according to the timeline of your event. A food manager avoids embarrassing mishaps from disorganized food service and sloppy timing issues. The more guests at your event, the more important a food manager becomes.

Wedding Venue

Service at a Crystal Ballroom

As part of every event package at Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor wedding venue, a dedicated design team incorporates all the elements of your theme into your celebration, and offers additional services and connections to make planning your wedding an effortless journey. Beyond making the all-inclusive wedding venue, designs and services an affordable dream wedding, Crystal Ballroom offers additional food manager packages to make every wedding reception a happily ever after memory.

Work with our in-house designers, planners, food managers, and connect with our vendors to plan and coordinate every detail of your perfect moment. Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor wedding venue stages every element of your event from ceremony to reception. Consult with our designers, and pick and plan your magical moment, from the colors and fabrics to the flowers and centerpieces. And choose the food manager service for a successful reception in our wedding venue.

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