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Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Choosing Your Wedding Vendors

Wedding Vendors at Crystal Ballroom

Building your team of wedding vendors is an important part of planning your wedding. If you are like most, you have dreamed about this moment for a while and want every minute of it to be picture perfect. These tips should help you build the ultimate team of wedding vendors to make your dream wedding come true.

Finding Wedding Vendors

In a world of internet, finding a plethora of wedding vendors is not a challenge. However, not just anyone will do. You would not want to hire a photographer that is just taking up a hobby or a deejay that has never serviced a wedding. When building your team of wedding vendors, consider talent, experience and services. The safest place to find your team of vendors is at your wedding venue. Most wedding venues have a preferred list of trusted vendors. Create a list, do your research and interview your candidates.

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Create Your List of Wedding Vendors

Begin by creating your list of wedding vendors. Imagine how you want your wedding day. Do you want a live band or a deejay? Many couples are choosing a deejay for the ability to maintain a continuous and heightened vibe with a unique playlist of music that cross-fades into the mix without space. An experienced deejay will drive the momentum on your dance floor with a customized playlist, immersive sound and light effects, and be able to create an interactive experience. Some couples prefer the ambiance created by live musicians and the authentic feel of real instruments in an acoustic space. Think about the fine dining experience you want to deliver and the type of cuisine you want to serve. The average wedding has 14 wedding vendors. Make your unique list based on the experiences you want to create.