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Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes are the pedestal of the bride and deserving of special attention, even if you think they won't be noticed. Finding the perfect shoes can be just as much of a challenge as finding the perfect dress. Some of us have difficulty finding shoes in general. These tips should help you find the wedding shoes to complete your look.

First Rule of Wedding Shoes

The first rule to wedding shoes is to find the dress first. This is the same general rule that applies to shopping for our daily attire. Start with the outfit and find the shoes to pull off a coordinated look. Even if you think you have found the perfect shoe, hesitate. Buy your wedding dress first. It could be challenging enough to find your dress, and you would not want to limit your options by creating a requirement to match shoes in your closet. If you think you could coordinate it with other dresses, then make the purchase. Remember the golden rule to shopping is to dress from the top down. Your shoes should compliment every aspect of your dress, including style, arch, height, heel, accessories, texture, color and shade.

Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes that Match

If you're wearing an A-line gown, mermaid gown, trumpet gown or slit skirt, then your sophisticated look demands a classy shoe. If you can command a higher heel, select an elegant shoe with thin straps, a deep arch and a tapered stiletto heel. If you have difficulty walking in high heels, a small platform in the ball of the shoe can decrease the arch and make balancing easier. If you are taller, have a shorter groom or want to reduce height for another reason, choose a shorter heel and make up the difference with straps and sparkles. The height of the heel is less important and more forgiving than the style.

Illusions to Consider

If you are wearing a ballgown, there are a couple things to consider. The volume of a ballgown can have an undesired effect for a shorter bride. Even if your wedding shoes will not be as visible, consider higher heels to add height and correct the illusion. Otherwise, a ballgown covers the shoes and will usually only offer a brief glimpse beneath. When you are wondering what to wear with your ballgown, think about Cinderella. It is unlikely that you will wear a glass slipper. Instead, consider wedding shoes that match the fabric and overall style of the dress. You could probably pull off a ballerina slipper.

Wedding Shoes

Matching Color

Matching the color of your wedding shoes to your dress is important. Matching the shade of the color is of equal importance. Have you ever placed a navy shirt next to navy pants to realize the color was slightly off? This is because there are different shades of every color, and different fabrics absorb color differently. If you are unable to match the shade exactly, select a contrasting color that coordinates with the dress. Silver or gold wedding shoes compliment and contrast other colors well.

The Important Part

The most important part of choosing your wedding shoes is how they make you feel. This is a day for smiles and celebration. The memory of your wedding day should not be a painful one. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and your feet can command their movement. Wear the shoes that make you smile and feel confident. It will take a lot of confidence to walk down the aisle with every eye upon you. Wear shoes that lift you up and give you power in each step you take. This does not necessarily mean a high heel that grabs attention. If you are shy about wearing heels or do not feel like a heel matches your personality, avoid high heels. You might feel most powerful in a sneaker. Wear something that feels like you. How you feel on your wedding day is more important than all the design tips in the world.

Weddings at Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Walk the aisle in your dream wedding shoes in a ballroom designed just for you. Meet with the master wedding designers at Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor and coordinate all of your linens, centerpieces, chinaware, floral arrangements and décor. Select from beautiful candelabras, tall floating candles, gorgeous lanterns and layers of floral arrangements. Create a wedding from fantasy in a ballroom overlooking the water in this exquisite destination wedding venue. Vow to your true love in this three story mansion with balcony views of Sunset Harbor. Climb a Titanic inspired staircase to your reception space, and dance on a cloud in this romantic wedding venue.


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