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Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Choosing Your Wedding Photography

Wedding photography plays a pivotal role in preserving the enchantment of your special day. The key isn't just having a photographer, but finding one whose artistic vision aligns with how you wish to memorialize those moments. Each photographer brings a distinct style, and these guidelines will assist you in selecting the one that resonates with your personal taste.

Discovering Your Photographic Style

Reflect on your wedding day and consider how you wish to capture and remember each detail. What style and emotion do you envision in your photographs? Wedding planning is an exploratory journey filled with evolving ideas and styles. Now is the time to pinpoint your preferred photography style. Do you envision a sophisticated portrayal of your wedding with staged poses, or do you prefer a documentary approach capturing spontaneous moments? Consider how you plan to use these photos – whether in albums or as art-worthy displays for your walls. Bring your vision and preferences to your meeting with a wedding photographer to ensure they can meet your expectations.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography stands the test of time. This style includes formal, deliberately posed shots, but it can also blend in elements of realistic, documentary-style photography, depending on the photographer’s approach.

Documentary Style Photography

Instead of carefully arranged poses, documentary style photography focuses on capturing moments as they naturally unfold. This approach is genuine and candid. The photographer may select the best angle and background, yet the aim is to seamlessly blend into the scene, capturing moments without the subjects being aware of the camera's presence.

Black and White Imagery

Black and white imagery in wedding photography falls under the dramatic style category. Its use of stark shadows and high contrast imbues the photos with a deep sense of emotion. You may consider including a few black and white shots alongside a variety of other photographic styles for a diverse visual experience.

Dramatic Photography Style

Dramatic photography is characterized by its emphasis on lighting and visual effects. This style demands proficiency in using off-camera flash and manipulating light. The resulting images can range from warm and shadowy to brightly contrasted, often carrying an almost abstract quality. True to its name, dramatic photography is designed to stir emotions and convey a narrative rich in feeling, adding a compelling layer to your wedding story.

Organizing Your Wedding Photography

Every wedding follows a specific schedule, and your wedding photography should align with this timeline. Reflect on which moments you wish to be captured, and which you prefer to omit. While some couples opt for comprehensive documentation, including the preparation stages and the entire day, others focus on key highlights like the ceremony and reception. Determine the arrival and departure times for your photographer, and decide which segments of your day you want immortalized in photographs, and which ones can be left out of the lens.

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Craft your dream fairy tale wedding at Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor, ensuring every enchanting moment is beautifully captured by professional wedding photographers. Assemble your ideal team with preferred vendors from Crystal Ballroom, connecting with the best in the industry. Collaborate with our in-house designers and planners to meticulously design every aspect of your wedding venue, from the ceremonial area to the reception ballroom. Experience a memorable event at this stunning venue, complete with all necessary furnishings, designs, and services to bring your dream wedding to life. At Crystal Ballroom, not only will you create cherished memories, but our photographers will also immortalize them, crafting a keepsake of your special day.


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