A Romantic Wedding Venue

If you are dreaming up a romantic wedding venue, you will fall in love with these ideas at Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor. This three story mansion in the harbor has everything from a winding staircase and waterfront views to the designs and services to make a dream come true. Get inspired by the romantic wedding ideas found here.

The Colors of Love

Pink is a soft and romantic color of love. It is less bold than red, which is also considered a color that is symbolic of passion and love. If you want to bring in a softer and sweeter touch of romance, nothing will articulate that message more eloquently than pink and all its romantic hues. Lavender makes the perfect accent to pink. The best way to bring in the colors of love is with uplighting to tint the sheers, walls and décor for a complete transformation of the entire space.

Flowers in the Wedding Venue

Wedding flowers have meaning, and are all about the romance. In ancient Greek and Roman ceremonies, the brides and grooms were adorned with garlands to represent fertility and the beginning of their life together. During the Victorian era, flowers became a means for sending cryptic and unspoken messages. The flowers in your wedding venue will speak the language of love and carry a unique message on your wedding day. Pink roses represent affection, admiration, elegance, romance and happiness. Decorate your reception tables and cake table with pink floral arrangements with roses. Add the finishing touch with a heart-shaped cake topper.

Make it Sweet

Make your wedding venue a little sweeter with a candy bar and a table of treats. Consider dessert pastries, cannoli, and strawberries dipped in chocolate. Nothing could be more romantic than a chocolate covered strawberry. A candy bar is a buffet-styled candy station with decorative glass dishes, décor, lighting and your favorite candies to match your colors and theme. A candy bar is an extra opportunity to add color and theme to the moment. Decorate with all of your romantic colors.

A Boat Exit at Your Wedding Venue

Consider a boat exit at your wedding venue, and enjoy white glove service all the way. Sip champagne and wave to your guests as you are swept away on a private boat in the harbor. The boat captain will take you and your true love on an unforgettable romantic escape. Hire a videographer with the ability to utilize drones to follow your boat escape and capture every moment of the romance from an aerial view.

Dancing on a Cloud at Your Wedding Venue

Make your first dance an unforgettable romantic moment. Walk upon a cloud of romance and twirl into each other's arms on a blanket of cloud effects. This extra touch of romance will create lasting impressions and unique wedding photography.

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor

Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor is a romantic wedding venue in the harbor at Daytona Beach. Create a destination wedding at this all-inclusive venue. All of the furnishings, designs, décor and services are included in making your dream wedding come true. Meet the designers at the in-house design studio and coordinate your colors and décor to match your vision. Plan your entire event at one romantic wedding venue, where a concierge wedding planning team is available to assist you through the entire process, from the vision to the magical day come true.