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A Few Wedding Traditions

Wedding Traditions

Weddings are filled with traditions that we keep and those we make. Just in case you are curious about the meanings and reasons behind some of the most popular wedding traditions, we created this little list to help you plan.

Engagement Rings

Everything begins with a wedding ring. Where did we get the idea of placing a ring on the finger to symbolize the promise and acceptance of a future marriage? The very first record of an engagement ring can be traced back to Archduke Maximillian of Austria when he commissioned a diamond engagement ring for Mary of Burgundy in 1477. However, if we travel back to about 200 BC in Rome, bronze, bones and ivory were the rings of choice. The ring is obviously a gift with more value than the receipt indicates. It is a symbol of love and the promise of marriage for all to see. The fourth finger on the left hand was believed to be connected directly to the heart by "the vein of love," which is why we wear our rings on the left ring finger.

Wedding Traditions

The Best Man in Wedding Traditions

The best man is part of wedding traditions for a couple of reasons. Ancient Roman law required that a couple have ten witnesses in attendance during the ceremony, which is probably where the idea of a wedding party originated. The best man was a little more than a representative and witness in the history of wedding traditions. Weddings were more of a business transaction and less about love. The best man was about having the best swordsmanship to help the groom deal with the business transaction and round up a runaway bride. Today, the groom brings his bestfriend to his side to provide emotional support and help in other ways.

Wedding Traditions with Flowers

Flowers are wedding traditions with meaning. In ancient Greek and Roman ceremonies, the brides and grooms were adorned with garlands to represent fertility and the beginning of their life together. The idea of carrying herbs and spices was to ward off evil spirits. During the Victorian era, flowers became a method of sending cryptic and unspoken messages to each other. Instead of carrying herbs down the aisle, a bride holds a bouquet of fresh blooms that match the color and theme of the wedding. We have the 1840 marriage between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert to thank for changing wedding bouquets to the beautiful variety of flowers we love.

Wedding Traditions

Wearing a Veil

When and why did a veil become part of wedding traditions? Wedding veils are a symbolic element with a little history that takes us back to Rome during a time when brides veiled their face to hide from evil. Depending on religion and culture, wedding veils are everything from a symbol of class to hiding from the groom before marriage. Regardless of the history claimed or the reasons for wearing them, wedding veils have made the journey to Western wedding traditions and are absolutely beautiful.

The Garter Toss

The garter toss is a wedding tradition that originated in the Dark Ages. It was thought to be good luck to rip a piece of the bride’s wedding gown for a keepsake. To appease the guests and save the gown, the groom tossed the garter at the crowd. Tossing the wedding garter would buy them just enough time to make their escape to privacy. The honeymoon was something quite different during those times, and the garter was a needed diversion. Today, the groom removes the garter during the reception and tosses it into the crowd.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue begins a superstition that became part of wedding traditions. The common saying was first documented during the 1800's is England. The old represents the old life before marriage. The new represents the new life as a married couple. The borrowed item was believed to pass luck from one woman to another. The blue represents fidelity and purity.

Wedding Traditions

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