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911 Stylist Hair and Makeup

911 Stylist Hair and Makeup

Plan your fairy tale entrance with 911 Stylist, an award-winning hair and makeup team. Whether bride or princess, make your entrance with the glam of Hollywood. Create your picture-perfect moments with the most talented and experienced artists in the industry.

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Whether you are bride-to-be, in the bridal party, celebrating a sweet sixteen or quinceanera, make beautiful and unforgettable moments with 911 Stylist. We only use the highest quality products, and create the most luxurious styles. Onsite service at Crystal Ballroom allows for comfort and pampering on your magical day. Ready yourself in the privacy of your VIP suite with the expertise of 911 Stylist. Our talented artists are in Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Las Vegas, and at your next dream event.

Hair and Makeup Stylist
Hair and Makeup Artist

Meet 911 Stylists

Walk the red carpet with confidence and let your true beauty shine through. Our professional makeup artists and hair stylists have the reputation you can trust to enhance your true beautiful you. Wherever imagination takes you, 911 Stylists will apply the color and style to make your dream moment come true. Perfection, passion and quality of service are what sets 911 Stylist apart from the rest in the industry. We bring luxury, glamour and timelessness to your special moment. Experience full-service in our studio or on location at your venue. We believe in a "less is more" approach, enhancing your own natural beauty so your true beautiful shines through. Contact 911 Stylist to learn more about our services.

Hair and Makeup Stylist
Hair and Makeup Stylist

Hair Styling

Walk the aisle with confidence and blown out luscious locks or the updo you dreamed of having on your special day. Feel absolutely beautiful on one of the most important days of your entire life. Choose the style to match personality, theme and the dress of your dreams. Whether bohemian, classic, retro, modern, or wherever you grasp your inspiration, 911 Stylist will customize the hairstyle you dare to imagine.

Airbrush Makeup

Be absolutely flawless on your wedding day with airbrush makeup. The unique look of an airbrush application creates a thin matte finish and a flawless appearance. The fine mist of color creates a natural appearance, while allowing your true skin tones to shine through. We mix foundation colors to perfectly blend and match your skin tone. Airbrush makeup is the perfect choice for a light-weight and natural appearance that is flawless under the light and in photographs. It is a waterproof 24 hour wear that you can trust. Full face makeup applications includes brow sculpting, eye shadow shading, highlighting, contouring, blush, eye liner, lips, and prepping of the skin.

Traditional Makeup

Obtain your perfect look with 911 Stylist traditional makeup application. Traditional liquid, cream, or pressed powder makeup is applied with a sponge or brush in a wide variety of shades. This compound offers versatility from sheer tint to full coverage, and has a wide range of shades to match skin tone perfectly. Traditional makeup can be combined with different properties to cater to specific skin issues. Full face makeup applications includes brow sculpting, eye shadow shading, highlighting, contouring, blush, eye liner, lips, and prepping of the skin.


Bat your lashes with confidence. Lashes frame your eyes and provide the finishing touch to every makeup application. Depending on your desired look, we apply individual lashes or a full strip of temporary lashes to give you the perfect amount of wispy natural or the full dramatic effect you seek.

911 Luxury Clip Hair Extensions

We specialize in the latest trends when it comes to hair extensions. If you desire long luscious locks on your special day with the option of easy removal later, 911 Luxury Clip Hair Extensions are the perfect option. With more than 90 different shades available, and the ability to dye human hair extensions, we make the perfect match to your unique hair color. Every bride receives a consultation and trials to guarantee flawless beauty on the day that matters most.

Hair and Makeup Stylists

Microlink Hair Extensions

If you want to maintain your style beyond your occasion, microlink extensions are the latest popular method. Individual strands of hair or wefts are applied in 1cm sections of your natural hair, and fastened by a bead, tube, or link and a special tool. Microlink extensions are the best option for women who take care of their hair, and seek a more natural option.

Brazilian Keratin

Your hair will shine under the light with a silky smooth appearance. A keratin smoothing treatment or Brazilian blowout temporarily straightens hair while adding shine and sealing the hair with a liquid keratin solution. The Brazilian keratin treatment is a long-term blow dry for style that lasts.

Tattoo Cover Up and Skin Conditions

Many women and men choose to hide tattoos on their special day. Our makeup artists are skilled at tattoo cover-up with tattoo airbrush makeup. The same makeup can also cover certain skin conditions, discolorations, bruises, scars, acne, age spots, under-eye circles, moles, vitiligo, stretchmarks, wrinkles, and birthmarks.

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